Cataclysms and Beginnings

by Fragile Existence

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released May 19, 2015


Dan Glover Vocals, Guitars
Eric Machacek Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Matt Hems Bass
Morten Siersbæk Drums

Drums Recorded at Annette Studios Toronto
Guitars, Bass, and additional Vocals recorded at Hades Studios Toronto
Lead Vocals recorded at Dan's Place Toronto



all rights reserved


Fragile Existence Toronto, Ontario

Fragile Existence is a Toronto, ON-based metal band with a unique and aggressive sound. Consisting of Dan Glover (guitars, vocals), Eric Machacek (guitars), Morten Siersbaek (drums) and Matt Hems (bass). The album Departing the Damned is their debut album and features a fresh take on modern Death metal. ... more

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Track Name: A Malignant Design
Homes, jobs, lives left broke
for those opposed
to rulings… unjust
politicians paid off
no excuse for the cause
it's greed!
ruling over the weak
to exploit all the meek
live your life like the rest
you pay off their debt

The CEO's resign
Malignant Design
to benefit the rich
to whom justice missed

No one accountable
mockery of the free
democracy's end and fall
run by lunacy
Track Name: Cataclysms and Beginnings
In ancient times, beings arrived

Not of this earth, birthing our minds

They brought us life, DNA refined

They are the Gods, we are their kind

From the sky it breeds, 

Life and all its founders
Of Death it breathes,

Cataclysms and Beginnings

Genetic harvest, before the end

Like Noah's ark, The Gods descend

History revised, our flesh and blood

No longer children, of orphaned past

Born of a race, with malice of our kind

Clues left behind, long ago, in the stone
Denied, our sight blinded
Blinded, our eyes, restrained
Restrained our race, in chains
In chains, our race, denied
Track Name: Limitless Genocide
Now I have become death
the destroyer of worlds
breakthroughs of science
turn men to gods

Splitting the atom, intention to kill
destroying opponents
with malevolent means
destruction and mayhem, a threat imminent
for power like hunger
and scavengers for men

Cancer and burns, beyond things we knew
radiation sickness, a cost of anew
melting away
lives innocent
morals at bay
life's dissonance

Desperate to end World War II
to show the world a power new
fighting back a futile point
against a nations atomic might
sufferance, cost of the day
the innocent the ones that paid
arrogant leaders on both sides
caused Limitless Genocide
Track Name: Four Walls of Emptiness
In foreign lands

Oppression unmatched

Naked and cold

Left with the rats 

To sleep in filth

To wish for freedom

For all you've known

Left for the dust

So cold and damp and left for days

To sit and think of the unknown

So cold and damp and time for days

To sit and think of the unknown

Like sitting in 
a premature crypt

To wait for freedom

that never comes

And all your sins

and all your lies

Left there for you
 to see their ties

A place of death

To think and wait

For those in power

To seal your fate

Hatred, oppression

Death and the cold,

The feelings left

Of deeds untold
Track Name: Accommodating Demise
Can you feel it building?

So thick it smothers

Like a blanket of smoke

To lay rest to the sleeping

Confusion based on reality

Reality based on the blind

To whom we owe this pleasure

To the rich or the wise

Can you feel it building?

Mountains built upon lies

Not long before the exposure

Accommodating Demise

Far from reason

Shrouded truths

Hid from the public

Me and you

Can't you see it?

Bullshit flies

No sharing secrets
Of brilliant minds

Kept in the shadows

For none to see

Human kinds....
Track Name: Clandestine Laboratories of Unbridled Malevolence
Nazis from old wars

Brought to US soil

Scientists now exempt

Project paperclip

Work done underground

Lost civilians found

Hosts for horrific tests

All mortals of the flesh

DNA modified

Projects classified

Scalpel is my guide

Eugenics bastardized

Species mixed and matched

Human fetus hatched

From donors unwilling

Abduction must proceed

Ascension to great heights

From subdural depths

Human hybrid forms

Grotesque species born

Cut open in the name of science

Your body now my art

Your eggs to be matched with a reptiles

For soldiers without heart

Clandestine laboratories founded

Unbridled Malevolence

The need of human beings knowledge

Preceeds the wealth of life

New genus brought to life

From hands of the knife

New age Gods in men

Forgotten master plan
Track Name: Exiled To Desolation
Vultures circle,
for the feast, 

To the desert,
where survival is bleak,
left to suffer,
left to rot,
no reason left to give a shit or a thought.

Burned, the skin,
so bad, it bleeds,
my eyes, just scabs,
unable to see.

My mouth, so dry,
of sand it seethes.

My soul, yearns death,
survival succeeds.

Death laughs,




Life drained,



To die

has gone,
no will to live.

My body, to feed,
the buzzards of filth.

To die, slowly,
one bite at a time,

Relieved, to leave,
this body behind

The sand,
the sword,
that cuts, the knees.

Exiled to death,

Attrition, the means

Exposed,to elements

Temperatures, extreme

A carcass, what's left

No longer, a being
Track Name: The Pathogenic Nightmare
Designed in labs
to stop breath and your dreams
encoded virus disguised in your genes
binding to hosts of the life it will leech
killing and spreading a deadly disease

Pathogenic Nightmare
massacre unseen

Funded through tax dollars paid in full by you
black operations that you never knew
accidents happen and now you will die
as a result of your governments lies

panicked the public act like frightened deer
millions are dying and screaming in fear
traitors removed the inoculation
now prepare for your annihilation

pustulating bodies
left to rot
forgotten memories
of the lost
iniquitous actions
brought pain and death
biological disfunction
takes your breath
Track Name: Upon Serpents They Prey
Upon Serpents
They pray

Upon Serpents
blood drained.

Essence of life,

Sacrificed to the gods,

Obsidian blades,

Flaying of men for the feast,


Pyramid of the moon,

20 000 dead,

For the serpent of plumes

The universe at halt,

Without the blood of you,

The universe at halt,

Without the lives of youth.
Track Name: The Skin Casket
A fog emerges,
memory erased,

where did i come from?

mind out to space,
disease of anger,

frustration's lust,
lost in amnesia,

and out of touch

forgot my own existence,

its long since died,

a husk of flesh and chaos,

no sense of time,

lost is my purpose for life,

just here to breathe, 

cast off and set aside,

bodies reprieve

Dead my mind, my body lives,

The Skin Casket where i exist,

Dead my mind, my body lives,

A skin casket, I am it…..

awake not sure for how long,

what is my name?

where am i?
how long i've been here?

am i insane?

confused, i wait for death now,

my final act.

hope heaven holds my soul dear,

memories intact.......